Mom, will I die? Asked moms five year old son... Coronavirus is NOT a joke!

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British lady Lauren Fulbrook told in social media about the serious health condition of her five-year-old son Alfie. According to the Daily Star, the child became infected with the new coronavirus COVID-19. He became ill – temperature rose to 42 C, he had hallucinations and vomiting.“Mom, will I die?” the boy asked. An ambulance hospitalized the baby, and he was tested for coronavirus. The test turned out to be positive. Now the child is treating in hospital.Photos of Lauren Fulbrook and her little son Alfie fighting with diseaseThe shocked woman posted an emotional post in where she urged other parents to take care of their children.She says: “Coronavirus is NOT a joke. Please stop brushing it under the carpet and putting not only your own lives at risk but everyone else's just because you want to go to the pub, or to a restaurant or think you need 7 packs of 24 toilet rolls- god knows why ... I've had to watch my 5yr old son go from having all the energy in the world to not moving, not eating, hardly drinking or urinating. His temperature wouldn't go below the 40's and at its highest was 42.3 which caused vomiting, I watched him hallucinating and crying from the headache, being taken to hospital by ambulance to be put in isolation pods and be swabbed for the virus and confirmed positive. He lay in the hospital bed and asked me if he was going to die - as a mother that is heart breaking.”Also she note: “So please, just stay in for a little while, so what if you can't do all your normal things, the sooner everybody does social distancing, the sooner it will be over.”