Beaten, mutilated and killed, what else happens with women in self-isolation...

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Brave women have shared pictures of their horrendous injuries to raise awareness of domestic violence, as killings in the home doubled during the first three weeks of lockdown in the UK.The four women released battered and bloodied pictures of their faces on social media as researchers from Counting Dead Women Project told MPs that 14 women and two children had been killed in the first three weeks of lockdown in the UK.Meanwhile, calls to domestic abuse hotlines have risen by 49 per cent during the same period, as desperate victims seek help.Horrificphotos of women who have been victims of violence during the self-isolation of COVID-19Brave Ayrshire mum who had bones snapped and face ‘smashed to pulp’ wants other domestic abuse victims to turn their lives around. "Seek help. I’m home from hospital. Don’t be the next victim."Meanwhile Francesca*, also from the US, posted a series of shocking pictures of her. In them she has blackened eyes and a scratched head. She said: “There has been a 40% increase in domestic violence cases since this quarantine. Please don't be afraid to reach out.”Becky, who was raped by her ex Neil Parrish over the course of eight years, said Parrish would have viewed the isolation lockdown afforded “as a dream come true”.Meanwhile Rachel Williams, who was shot by her ex husband, has spoken extensively of the dangers of lockdown for domestic violence sufferers.The Government is now facing calls from MPs for a full action plan to tackle a rising tide of domestic abusein the UK since the coronavirus lockdown began.Warning! There are unpleasant views in the photos. Not recommended for people with weak nerves and minors!