'Cannon meat'! 30 PHOTOS: Completely naked doctors - men and women are protesting in anger

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German doctors have posed naked online to protest a shortage of protective masks and gowns, which they say puts them at greater risk of catching the coronavirus.The health workers' nude pictures, with carefully positioned props like books and flowers to conceal their private parts, appear on a website urging politicians to ensure doctors and clinics have enough protective gear.PHOTO: German doctors protests and undress for the camera. We do not recommend under age 18!"I learned how to stitch wounds, why do I now have to learn how to stitch masks?" reads a placard held by a female doctor with a stethoscope and a red mask in one photo.With just over 156,000 confirmed cases and an official death toll of 5,900, Germany has withstood the pandemic much better than the United States, Italy, Spain and France.Chancellor Angela Merkel's government wants to provide financial assistance to producers of protective equipment and has ramped up its orders for PPE abroad. A German military plane brought 10 million medical masks from China on Monday.