She was only 18, COVID-19 doesn`t sort

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Caitlin Whisnant, 18, died with coronavirus in Chicago earlier this month, only two weeks after celebrating her milestone birthday. She told her father she “felt fine” and was "just a little tired" moments before dying. Caitlin's mother, Kristin tragically found her daughter unresponsive just moments later. The grieving mother said that while she tried to revive her, Caitlin couldn’t be saved. Photo: Caitlin Whisnant tragically died with coronavirus only two weeks after celebrating her 18th birthday. R.I.P. Caitlin was born with a genetic immune deficiency, making her more vulnerable to the deadly disease. She was diagnosed with coronavirus earlier this month. Caitlin went into quarantine at her sister’s house and had reportedly only experienced minor symptoms. Caitlin was the youngest of five children, described by her parents as a “kind, quiet, loving, a wonderful child.” While the disease is usually less dangerous in younger people, it can also cause serious complications - particularly those with underlying health conditions.