Sick, crazy world! One tattoo every day during lockdown. There will soon be no room on his skin

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After weeks of social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us are starting to go stir crazy.Chris Woodhead, a 33-year-old from East London, has been tattooing himself every day he's been in quarantine. On his 49th day of tattooing, and he has no intention of stopping."The idea of tattooing myself every day through the isolation came about in a way quite naturally," Woodhead told. "I thought it would be a good way of implementing some structure into my day, now that I can't tattoo from the studio."Shocking and incredible photo - a young man who has tattooed himself from head to toeWoodhead is not unfamiliar with the process of tattooing his own body. The artist -- who works at a studio in London -- learned the art by giving himself 100 tattoos before ever tattooing another person.Before his decision to turn his passion into a distraction, Woodhead's body was already covered in nearly 1,000 tattoos. While an additional 100 or so tattoos "won't make a difference," Woodhead said he plans to keep going until he is able to return to his studio, regardless of how long it takes. Some of his isolation tattoos included a virus, butterfly, tiger, clown and a mermaid -- and the ideas just keep flowing.