Shocking! In Russia, more than 2,500 pregnant women are infected with the coronavirus

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There are more than 2,500 pregnant women with COVID-19 in Russia, reports TASS. Of these, 2,035 women confirmed the diagnosis in all tests. The coronavirus has already been detected in 816 pregnant women in Moscow. In Russia, in case of a positive coronavirus test result, women will have to give birth in a mask, which makes breathing difficult. Photo gallery: Brave pregnant women who are expecting babies during a pandemic Pregnancy during the Covid-19 pandemic is dangerous for both mother and child. Russian doctors argue that the virus can be transmitted to the baby through the blood that passes through the mother's and baby's vascular system. Nevertheless, doctors emphasize that newborns can catch the infection after giving birth - it is not yet possible to determine when the virus was transmitted. Around the world, quarantine is unlikely to increase fertility, say Italian scientists. And even those who felt the desire to become parents during the quarantine are not in a hurry to realize a new dream.