Impressive! 62 days and 1 million USD bill for hospital treatment

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Michael Flor, 70, from Seattle spent 62 days in hospital with deadly COVID-19 virus. Later he received a bill for $ 1 million. The man was deeply shocked about this.Man spent most of those 62 days at the Swedish Medical Center in Issaquah, Washington, in an enclosed intensive care unit to protect others in the hospital, and 29 days using a ventilator. His heart, kidneys and liver were damaged at points during his stay, and at one point he was so close to dying that the nurse held the phone to his ear so that his wife and children could say the last farewell.ButMichael recovered and finally went home. However, seeing his hospital bill was a shock.SEE PHOTO GALLERY: COVID-19 in American hospitalsThe hospital bill on page 181 includes a daily fee of $ 9,736 - a total of $ 408,912 - for his ICU room, about a quarter of a million for the various drugs doctors tried on him, and $ 82,215 for a fan he used for 29 days. The bill totaled $ 1,122,501.04 and included nearly 3,000 itemized fees."I feel guilty about survival," he said. "Have a feeling" why me? “Why did I deserve it all? Looking at the incredible cost, all this definitely increases the survivor's guilt. "Thankfully, Michael most likely will not have to pay any of it. He has a good health insurance policy, which would cover the bulk of the bill. The company has said that they will waive most out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 treatment in 2020 thanks to the $100 billion emergency funding bill from Congress, meaning he likely won’t have to pull together his estimated $6,000 co-pay.Flor also feels guilty that he has good health insurance when other Americans do not, and he also recognizes that thanks to the funding bill, his hospital stay is paid for from taxpayer money and insurance money from people with non-COVID-19 bills.