Boris Johnson feel better and his health condition is stable

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is receiving "standard oxygen treatment" and is breathing without assistance, his spokesperson said on Tuesday, a day after he was transferred to intensive care with coronavirus, according to CNN.

Johnson's condition is stable and he "remains in good spirit," his spokesperson said. He has not required invasive or non-invasive ventilation and does not have pneumonia.

Boris Johnson. Photo gallery of the Prime Minister's personal life.

But the seriousness of the Prime Minister's condition at a time of national emergency, combined with the lack of a formal succession procedure for heads of government in the UK, has raised questions about who is leading the country. Johnson has nominated his Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, to deputize for him "as necessary" but there is no recent precedent for a sitting UK prime minister becoming incapacitated for a lengthy period.

Boris Johnson’s heavily pregnant fiancée Carrie Symonds has been left ‘distraught’ at not being able to see the prime minister after spending some nights in intensive care.

Miss Symonds, 32, who is recovering from coronavirus symptoms herself, was ‘in tears’ after receiving a call informing her that Mr Johnson had been admitted to hospital due to his ‘persistent symptoms’.

In turn, we - the editorial team of the portal and the whole Latvian society wish Mr. Johnson the fastest recovery!