Due to coronavirus restrictionsRussian singers Angelika Varum (50) and Leonid Agutin (51) sing together at home and delights its fans. The concerts have been canceled and the couple has not left the house for several weeks.

But during self-isolation, they continue to do their favorite thing - sing. In the video, they sing their popular hit "Everything in Your Hands".

“Sit at home. All is in your hands. Today it’s not necessary to fly into space,” the artist wrote on his microblog on Instagram.

Photo: Romantic couple -Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin still sing together!

It is not the first time giving home concerts. At the end of March, the performer joined the world-famous stay-at-home flash mob and launched the broadcast on his microblog. For an hour Leonid played the synthesizer and delighted fans of his work with the performance of popular compositions.