On April 11, 2020 Rolands Tjarve, former Director General of Latvian Television, a lecturer at the University of Latvia, died in the hospital at the age of 54, reports the portal Pietiek.com.


This is the last public e-mail he sent to his students – on March 18 – day he felt very unwell:

„Subject: KomZ2058: March 18 lecture

Date: wed., March 18, 2020 13:14:15 +0200

From: Rolands Tjarve (via E-studijas)

Hello at this stressful time!

I hope all of you carefully follow the established self-isolation regime, at the same time not losing interest in what is happening in the Latvian media environment :)

This truly is challenging time for the mass media as well. Both in terms of gathering information and in terms of business. That is why I want you to monitor the media environment more closely by the end of the week, paying particular attention to the way in which the various media are trying not to lose their usual audience.

Since I have also been affected by the virus (I hope not COVID-19), I will not speak today, but I will ask you to get acquainted with Raivis Vilūns study about the geography of Latvian media news (Diversity of the Latvian media environment, p. 319).

In addition, please watch https://lr1.lsm.lv/lv/raksts/labriit/egils-levits-latvija-ir-jastiprina-mediju-vide.a118366/ and consider what has changed since the President expressed this opinion.

We will talk about this in next week's remote lesson.

This forum is our main site for communication for now.

Take care of yourself!


Ainārs Dimants, a communication specialist, lecturer also writes about Tjarve's death in Twitter:

“A bolt from the blue: Rolands Tjarve (54), a responsible classmate and successful Director General of Latvian Television, passed away on this Holy Saturday. He, among others, was one of the few who appreciated the value of humanitarian education as a basis for a journalist’s work. My condolences to his relatives”, says Dimants in the tweet.

Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs also expressed his condolences to Facebook.

"I express my deepest condolences and grief together with Roland Tjarve's relatives, friends and colleagues," wrote the minister.

According to unofficial information, the cause of Tjarve's death could be Covid-19 disease. For the last two weeks, Tjarve's condition has been severe, he was connected to a lung ventilator.

We extend our condolences to the relatives of Roland Tjarve and personally to Roland's wife, journalist Nellija Ločmele.

On the same day – April 11, a patient infected with Covid-19 died at the Riga East University Hospital, The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC) of Latvia informed:

A patient, who was in the age group of 50 to 60 years had a severe course of the disease and was hospitalized two weeks ago.