Today, the “grand” TV show star was fired from work on the Latvian Television. Express your thoughts in the comment section. 

The Latvian pastor Aleksis Daume : “[...] I might sound evil, but there's a girl in the virtual world who shows a skewed face and tells us: you ruined my future and raises all these things to light. Sometimes I think evil thoughts of that girl. […] I sometimes talk to young people about this subject and they understand... I tell them - if you meet that girl, then kick her hard.”

Latvian pastor Aleksis Daume. In the photo gallery - moments from the life of the most dubious pastor in Latvia.

Because of the unethical and unacceptable statements made by the former host of the TV show “Roots in Heaven”, the producer association “HansaMedia” and Latvian Television have decided to fire Aleksis Daume from the show. On 19 April 2020, the experienced publicist, philosopher and former LTV personality Ilmars Latkovskis will take his place.

The TV show “Roots in Heaven” looks at philosophical questions about spirituality, ethics, and morality every Sunday in LTV1. Because of the totally unacceptable statements made by Aleksis Daume, the current host of the show, which are in violation the LTV Code of Conduct and Ethics and fundamental values of a democratic and inclusive society, and have been spoken in conversation with Anna Rozite in her vlog “Closer to yourself with Anna Rozite”, it has been decided to suspend Daume from hosting the TV show. Ilmars Latkovskis will be taking over the show starting this week.

In conversation, Daume discussed the environmental activist Greta Tunberg. He said he thought evil thoughts about this girl occasionally, and that he believed that someone with such beliefs should simply be kicked hard.The TV show is not created at the Latvian Television. Its creators, the creative agency HansaMedia, are independent producers, working on the show for LTV. Both Latvian Television and the producers disassociate themselves from what A. Daume has said.

The broadcast producers completely disassociate and deem unacceptable the personal statements made by Aleksis Daume, the former show host, on Anna Rozite's YouTube channel. “We stand for respectful mutual relations, tolerance and high standards of journalism. After these statements, we no longer see Aleksis Daume as our show host. 

The “Roots in Heaven” show will continue to work on raising awareness of religion, history, nature and other topics important for people, increasing tolerance and the idea of the good in the world, says “HansaMedia” spokesman Niks Volmars. Latvian Television and show producers “HansaMedia” apologize to every viewer for the situation. 

The TV show “Roots in Heaven” was started in 2015. A. Daume has been hosting it since 2018.Express your thoughts in the comments. Please no incitement to hatred.


It should be noted that the world-famous environmental activist Greta Thunberg is very respected in Latvia, particularly loved among young people. So in public, the impudence of this pastor is widely debated and condemned.

On 17 April 2020, the pastor and now former TV star Aleksis Daume has apologized for his statements. But what does it change? The honor of the pastor and the influential position on the Latvian state public TV channel have been lost. In fact, the celebrity has lost his reputation and career prospects, – according to media experts.

Video: Aleksis Daume from 11th minute: