Kano Focus reports that since the COVID-19 Lockdown imposed in the state the high number of deaths recorded in Kano metropolis has become a source of worry for residents.

Even though there is not an authoritative source that keeps track of deaths in Kano, investigation by Kano Focus confirms that more than 300 mostly elderly persons have died in the metropolis within four days of the lockdown.

The director center for infectious diseases, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital  Isa Abubakar, a professor of public health and community medicine told Kano Focus that  the increasing rate of deaths could be attributed to one of three issues.

Photo: Mass death in Kano and life in lockdown

“First, they could be COVID-19 patients who were not tested, though this is insignificant. Because even in the countries with COVID-19 the percentage of deaths among infected persons is low. “Second, there are some people who need treatment for different health challenges, besides COVID-19. But the attentions of major hospitals have been shifted to COVID-19 and some patients may not even have access to the hospitals due to the traffic restrictions.

“Thirdly, people are now idle at home and therefore are free to take note of the number of deaths around them.  That is why  people assume there is an increasing death rate while probably there is none at all.” He said

Meanwhile the Kano state ministry of health said it has commenced investigation into the matter.