What happened to the Moscow doctor who infected 64 doctors?

56-year-old urologist Maksims Starinskis became infected from a patient at the 3rd War Veterans Hospital, where Covid-19 patients are admitted. He died at a communal hospital from complications caused by the virus. Starinsky is believed to be the first Covid-19 deceased physician in Russia.

One nurse said that 64 doctors had had positive coronavirus tests at the War Veterans Hospital after contacting with Maksims Starinskis. Two colleagues are in intensive care. The nurse found that she was among the infected and was being treated at home.

Photo: Russian hospital where the pandemic lives

According to Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 52,700 confirmed infections in Russia, as well as 456 registered deaths.

Last week, the Moscow Department of Health warned that the city could run out of intensive care in two weeks. It is planned that 24 hospitals could be re-profiled in a hurry, creating an additional 21,000 beds.

The 3rd War Veterans Hospital was re-profiled at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. Doctors from St. Petersburg trained the hospital staff, who started receiving Covid-19 patients on April 6. Hospital staff interviewed by The Moscow Times say it was not fully prepared to receive coronavirus patients.