British Naturism, an organisation that promotes naturism in the UK, has introduced free virtual yoga classes for the first time during coronavirus pandemic.

There have also been nude drinkers enjoying its ‘Naked Pub’, and baking fans are logging in for the ‘Naked Kitchen’.

They have experienced a surge in interest, with 40 new members signing up in just a single week.

The group - whose membership currently stands at around 9,000 - saw 200 people take part in one naked yoga session alone.

Photo 18+ : Brits are stripping off to beat lockdown boredom and turning to naturism

Pamela Fraser, a nudist, has reported seeing a huge spike in naked online sessions... “I think people are embracing the fact they don’t have to feel or look perfect during the lockdown. Perfect isn’t realistic.”

In her baking class every Wednesday, Pamela has whipped up flapjacks and a salted caramel cheesecake whilst starkers.

“I think lockdown has opened up another world for people to get involved in. Pamela, who is from Preston in Lancashire, has estimated that she clocks up to eight hours on Zoom video chat every week.