Tin foil rings and - ‘Yes’ before last breath...

A young dad with coronavirus married his fiancee in the hospital with tin foil rings just hours before he died. It was his last whish...

The couple had been together for 15 years but never had the time or the money to get married.

Newly qualified staff nurse Sophie Bryant-Miles arranged for the hospital chaplain Joe Fielder to come and perform a ceremony at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

It couldn't be a legally-binding wedding, but Joe printed brochures with their named and the hymms on them. The dying father's daughter watched the couple exchange their vows and say "I do" in PPE on FaceTime.

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The staff tried to hold the best hospital wedding they could as tin foil rings were exchanged, photographs were taken and cake was eaten.

Sophie told: "She'd been made very aware that he was in the last hours of his life, and I think this was the last thing that they felt they could do together. "At least they've got this final memory together. I think we were all in tears."

Joe said the patient struggled to say his words because of his breathing and his fiancee was holding tears as "the family were smiling and crying at the same time". He added: "You just want to do your bit to treat people with dignity, to help them know that they are loved and cared for."

People all over the world try to do something important in their lives before death, such as get married. Therefore, we must try to live 'here and now', not to postpone the most important things in our life.

Nurse Sophie. More in photo gallery