The Initiative group of Russian doctors has launched a website “List memory” with those of physicians who died during the pandemic coronavirus. The statistics collected by the initiators of the project, much higher than the official deaths from the virus among the physicians in the list for more than 70 names.

Of such quantity of victims the medic called the lack of personal protective equipment, improper routing of patients, lack of understanding of the danger of infection and concealment cases. Note that often the virus does not save and protection: last week it became known about the infection of coronavirus and all employees of the Department, Institute name Vreden in St. Petersburg, which shut down in the same room with patients.

Photo: There have been 145,268 cases of coronavirus infections reported in Russia so far and 1,356 deaths

In the sad list of deceased physicians were, in particular, the wife of a physics Kazarian epidemiologist Arpik Aratani anesthesiologist Elizabeth hospital Sergey Beloshitskiy who contracted the coronavirus while working with the infected. In the last days of his life he was on a ventilator, and later on extracorporeal membrane oksiginatsii.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called “isolated cases” problems in Russian hospitals involved in the treatment of patients with coronavirus. Commenting on the issue about the working conditions of doctors and awareness about this President, the press Secretary said that Vladimir Putin is involved daily in the issues of hospitals, therefore, “the question itself, should or should not be the President to intervene, is wrong.” Doctors struggling with the pandemic, he called admirable, and news about death – sad.