First rule of videoconferencing: Make sure you know what’s going on behind you!

A reporter went on air wearing a suit coat and no pants, not realizing everyone could see his legs. Shame!

Professor Robert Kelly of Pusan National University in South Korea was talking about very important, academic things in a live cross interview with the BBC from his home office. All was very serious. All was very BBC-like. Until children came into room. After half a minute mommy took the kids out from the room.

Children on screens this is already a common situation. But most of the cases are about naked situations on web meetings or other epic fails. With coronavirus forcing students and office workers to plug their webcams into home computers, many are struggling with the technology and having to adapt new rules of etiquette as cameras suddenly expose the minutest details of their personal lives.

Photo compilation: Epic, naked and funny photo moments from web meetings

A man forgot to wear pants to an office video meeting. Or one where a "poor" woman accidentally peed in front of her whole uni class. How did she feel now?

In other situation where a woman’s boss turned herself into a potato on a video call and had to leave it that way for the whole meeting.

The one where a woman’s partner walked into her video call frame wearing really tight undies. She was very ashamed of a partner.

Other moments shows where someone attended a video meeting naked and didn’t realise their camera was on.

So watch out - the webcam is watching you, all the time, when it is turn on...