As people look for ways to entertain themselves on lockdown, dances and challenges have soared in popularity.

First people started wearing their bedding, then shopping bags, and now they’re painstakingly drawing miniature noses and mouths on their faces.

The latest trend to sweep social media is an optical illusion using make-up, called the #tinyfacemakeupchallenge.

Funny optical illusion photos - if the lips are on the nose. Women have been showing off their makeup skills despite having to wear a mask 

The idea is to use the bottom of your nose as the outline for your new mouth, then draw a fake snout in the middle of the bridge of your nose. 

To complete the look you need a polo neck or a scarf to cover your real lips and chin, turning the rest of your head into a bizarrely realistic small face.

Women are going all out for the challenge, applying bold red lips, tiny contoured noses, and faux cheekbones.