Latvian-born actress Agatha Muceniece (Агата Муцениеце), 31, who lives in Moscow, told in her Instagram profile that she had been temporarily detained by the police.

Agatha Muceniece decided to show civil activism, but was detained by police for violation of self-isolation in the courtyard of her own house.

Actress went for a daily run, and then she noticed that trees on the fenced territory were allegedly illegally cut down. Later, other residents approached the scene, starting to resent along with Muceniece.

Later, law enforcement officers arrived at the crowd, but instead of paying attention to tree felling, as the citizens demanded, the police began to pay attention to the passes of local residents during the period of self-isolation. Police approached the actress and detained her, while Muceniece, on her Instagram profile, told her followers the shocking news that she had been detained by a law enforcement agency.

Even the police could not resist the sexy Agatha Muceniece. Агата Муцениеце - PHOTOGALLERY

“You won’t believe me, they detained me. I was told that I was breaking the law,” said Muceniece. Later, the star of the series “Closed School” was released, but was once again explained: it is now forbidden to be on the streets of the capital without a special permit.

The situation was commented on by the lawyer of Agatha - Zhanna Mikhailovna - she stated that they had no questions to the police officers.

“She was not in the right place, at the wrong time, but the main thing is that I was in the right place and at the right time. And the police are just doing their job,” said the lawyer.

However, after a while, Muceniece reassured her fans that the police had let her go. Apparently, she presented her permiton.

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