A young Russian nurse, at age 20, devised a proactive way to treat male coronavirus patients. Unnamed nurse entered in to the ward in a transparent robe, under her was only underwear.

She told Tula City Hospital executives that wearing a uniform under PPE left her feeling "too hot".

After the woman's photo was widely disseminated on social media, she was punished for "non-compliance with medical clothing requirements".

She told Tula Regional Clinical Hospital executives that she was unaware the PPE she was wearing when treating Covid-19 patients in the men's ward was transparent.

Photo of naked nurse in transparent robe

Nevertheless, the regional ministry of health reported that "a disciplinary sanction was imposed on a nurse in the communicable diseases department who violated the (uniform) requirements".

Her superiors initially said the woman was wearing "underwear", but later claimed that she had a "swimsuit" under her transparent robe.

The nurse did not talk about what happened in public, and the exact details of the disciplinary case were not revealed.

The men in the hospital ward admitted that they did not object to such a pleasant moment of embarrassment.

And would you like to meet a nurse dressed like this?