On the territory of the City Hospital No. 2 in St. Petersburg, a refrigerator was burning with the bodies of those who died from coronavirus infection.

The fire occurred in a refrigerator 2 and 6 meters in size and 3 meters high, which was located on the territory of the medical facility.

The air conditioning compressor caught fire on an area of ​​three square meters. Arriving at the place, firefighters extinguished the flame. No one was injured in this fire.

There were five bodies inside the refrigerator. The container was opened by a morgue orderly and a doctor on duty.

Photo of a burned container containing the corpses of COVID-19 dead people

The press service of the St. Petersburg Health Committee announced that the refrigerator did not belong to City Hospital No. 2, but to the anatomical bureau. The container is located in the hospital, but not in its ownership. The fire was quickly eliminated, and the bodies that were there not injured, the department said.

Upon the fact of the incident, verification and investigation of this incident is carried out.