Coronavirus almost killed a newborn boy — by mirroring the exact symptoms of a life-threatening heart defect. Mum Sadie Lovell, 35, spent days fearing Thomas could become the UK’s youngest ­victim of the killer virus.

His vital signs crashed and he was resuscitated 13 times despite being put on a ventilator and anti-viral drugs. Coronavirus had been playing a cruel trick. Thomas had Covid but it wasn’t killing him — a congenital heart defect producing exactly the same symptoms was doing the real damage.

Baby forced to fight for his lives under strong medical supervision.Little Thomas was hooked up to machines monitoring his oxygen, heart rate and blood pressure.

Little Thomas is fighting for his life

At least 13 occasions parents through special window could watched how theirs baby Thomas’s life vital drop so badly that doctors rushed in to save him.

The baby's parents were ready for everything ... After keeping him alive for six days, it was only then that doctors suspected some kind of heart condition, so he was transferred to a children's hospital.

A cardiologist quickly carried out a heart echo and diagnosed Thomas with TAPVR - a rare condition where oxygen-rich blood from the lungs does not flow to the correct place, limiting the oxygen delivered to the rest of the body.

The very next day, at four weeks old, Thomas was booked in for open heart surgery with the surgeon explaining the procedure. The heart surgery was over in less than five hours and it was successful.